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Jumaat, 24 Februari 2017

Salaat vs death.

Salaat  vs death.
Salaat  vs death.
As forwarded and amazing:
A text Ustaadh Dr. Farhat  Hashmi  shared, which I thought I'd share with everyone -
How do you know if you’re ready for death?
Man’s greatest fear is death.
I want to know that if I were to die right now what would my death be like?
Would it be painful, would it be pleasurable, would it be sweet?
Here is an answer:
Your death will be exactly as your prayer is to you right now.
Because when you pray salaat what do you do? You go and meet Allah. When you die what happens?
You go and meet Allah. If you dislike meeting Allah while you are in this world in the body, why would you want to meet Allah when you leave the body?
If salaat is sweet to you right now your death would be sweet if you died right now.
If you eagerly wait for salaat, then when death comes to you, you will eagerly wait to be released from this cage and soar to new heights.
If your salaat is a burden on you right now, death will be a burden on you if you die right now.
If salaat is painful,
death will be painful.

Look at your salaat, improve your salaat, and you will improve your connection to Allah,
because .....
both of these are nothing but a
meeting with Allah.